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which we also call menopause. You understand the meaning of it, in fact, meno means month and pause means to stop. There are many women whose minds are confused about this. Let me tell you that it directly affects your health. If we talk about mid-age, then on average, women get menopause at an interval of 45-50 years. Let us tell you that it is very difficult for a woman to face the time of menopause. WOMENS HEALTH PROBLEMS AFTER MENOPAUSE

Because of this, they also start having irregularities in menstruation. Actually, they do not have menstruation for two months. Sometimes bleeding happens a lot. Because of which they start feeling very weak.

These changes occur in the health of women after menopause

Women who have menopause have health problems, due to which both physical and mental changes start to occur in the woman. While sometimes these problems are very painful for them.

At the time of menopause, those women also have problems due to sluggishness, sleeplessness, body dysfunction, pain in different parts of the body, increased obesity etc.

If women who stop having menstruation, then they also have the symptoms of menopause, it is not necessary to have these symptoms in all women. Its symptoms are different in every woman. Menstruation suddenly stops or decreases gradually.

Women who are healthy still have menopause, that is, decrease in bleeding every month and completely stop one day.

Women who are unhealthy or whose menstrual period is irregular, proper care is not taken at the time of delivery, those women may have to go through many problems while closing the period.

But menopause is delayed in women. The reasons behind GK are such as swelling, lump in the uterus, cancer or risk of it.

Women who are after the age of 55.1 are more at risk of stroke when menopause occurs. A low level of estrogen in your body causes cholesterol to build up on the artery leading to the brain, which increases the risk of stroke.

What are the symptoms of everyday

Excessive sweating: During those times, those women start sweating a lot, whether they do physical work or not.

Sudden panic: Without any talk, they start to get very nervous and they think too much about anything.

Headache, dizziness: Some women feel dizzy at this time, and some have very severe headaches. It is also caused by weakness.

Being irritable temperament: Due to this problem, she also gets changed in her nature and she does not answer anything properly.

Weakness in the body: Because of this, they do not feel like eating anything. Due to which there is weakness in their body.

Having stomach problems: Due to this, problems related to the stomach also start, either they have constipation or diarrhea.

Weakening of digestive power: It directly affects their digestive system. Because of which you will not feel like eating anything.

Nausea and vomiting: Some women feel nauseous at this time and some start vomiting.
Depression: Due to this, many women start becoming a victim of depression and many other diseases can also occur due to this.

Everyday avoidance

If you want to avoid daily exposure then do not smoke at all, its problem is mostly due to smoking. This causes hormones in the body of the woman to become imbalanced. Quitting smoking can reduce the risk of premature menopause to a great extent. Also, smoking can worsen the symptoms associated with menopause.

To avoid monopause, you should eat all kinds of grains as this will make your whole body healthy. Menopause is actually caused by a drop in estrogen levels. This maintains estrogen levels in your body and removes menopause.

Increase vitamins, minerals, fiber and other essential nutrients in your diet. But older women usually require fewer calories for energy. How many calories do you need according to your age, weight and height.

If you want to get rid of this problem, then exercise daily. If you exercise for at least 2 hours a week, you can keep yourself healthy and avoid this problem, it will also strengthen your muscles.

If you have a problem like diabetes or heart disease when you are on a daily basis, then you should get it checked regularly. So that the risk of it can be avoided and your blood should also be checked and consulted by the doctor from time to time.

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